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About Peekapoos! A little of this and a little of that... At Pekepoo Park, we only breed First Generation Peekapoos. This means that all of my parent dogs are either Pekingese or Poodles. This is the optimum breeding as these first generation puppies are the correct mix of both parents and carry the non-shedding coats. Peekapoos are very intelligent dogs. They get their intelligence from their poodle side. Poodles are very intelligent and quite precocious. In fact, I've been known to say that the poodles are too smart to be allowed to live here! They trick and fool us all of the time, keep us on our toes, and are simply delightful. Our pekingese are sweet, laid back and don't even try to get away with a thing. They are certainly easy to live with.  The pekingese have a very regal attitude and believe they are above the rest!  I feel sure they are busy looking down on all of those silly poodle antics.  When you mix the two breeds, you get a very smart, very able dog that believes they are "all that" and they are! The poodle agility is passed along so these guys are able to do it all. They are extremely interested in learning any trick you take the time to teach them. Better than learning the trick, is performing it!  Peekapoos are not hyperactive or big barkers. They are always thinking, though. Be prepared to have your puppy try and get the upper hand. Always be one step ahead, as these little guys are smart and would question why they shouldn't be the boss! Peekapoos are sweet and loving but If you are looking strictly for a couch potato or lap dog, a peekapoo is not for you. Peekapoos are quite the amazing little dogs. They do well with children and adults. They do not shed and are hypoallergenic, absolutely. 

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Our commitment and promise to you: Any puppy we raise will have exceptional care that includes the finest foods available including organic meats to supplement the Royal Canin Dog Foods, competent high quality veterinarian care, love that includes gentle handling and socialization with all family members including our cat. NO kenneling.  Plenty of healthy exercise that includes daily walks outside.  A full two year health guarantee for any genetic problem (none to date) that returns your money and does NOT ask for your beloved family member to be returned.  Registration papers will be sent upon receipt of spay/neuter verification. As much help in getting your new puppy to your home including shipping at your convenience or traveling part way (2 Hours) to meet you by car. Pictures via email all along the way as your little pup grows during his 8 weeks with us.  Regular updates via email and support for you after your puppy arrives. I am sure there is more but just know that we are dedicated to our dogs/puppies and their new owners.

Call us today at 304-652-4881 or fill out our online contact form.

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